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Elbow Trauma: A Master Skills Publication

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  • Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

    Edited by: Donald H. Lee, MD and Scott P. Steinmann, MD

    Elbow Trauma: A Master Skills Publication is dedicated to providing a comprehensive review of the anatomy, pathophysiology, evaluation, and treatment for a variety of conditions involving the injured elbow. With 32 chapters consisting of more than 300 images, this book draws from the knowledge and experience of some of the world’s leaders in the treatment of elbow injuries. In addition to helping readers perform comprehensive physical and radiographic evaluations, Elbow Trauma also aids in the identification of elbow injury patterns and the development of a treatment algorithm based on the nature of the injury. Through its coverage of all aspects of the treatment options and types of injuries, Elbow Trauma also addresses new surgical techniques, making it a must-have for surgeons of all levels who treat elbow injuries.

    Download the table of contents and sample chapter or check out the eBook today!

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