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When and Where
  • 5/29/2020 12:00 PM CDT
  • 5/29/2020 5:30 PM CDT
  • Zoom Meeting

2020 What Every Hand Surgeon Should Know About the Wrist: Distal Radius, Carpus and Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pain (A Virtual Course)

May 29, 2020

Zoom Meeting

PROGRAM CO-CHAIRS: Mark E. Baratz, MD and Kevin F. Lutsky, MD


This course will present up-to-date information and techniques regarding disorders that are treated by hand surgeons. In addition to covering common condition sand ensuring the participants have the best information and knowledge to provide state-of-the-art care, the course will also review conditions which are less frequently seen and less well understood. This will enable participants to apply current research and knowledge into their clinical practices and provide optimal care to their patients.


This course will not have a printed syllabus. A digital PDF copy will be available and sent to all attendees prior to the course for download into their personal mobile device of choice. A digital recording of the course will also be available to all attendees within 1 week after the course.