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Epub- Flap Reconstruction of the Upper Extremity: A Master Skills Publication

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  • Published by: American Society for Surgery of the Hand

    Edited by: Ghazi M. Rayan, MD & Kevin C. Chung, MD

    The evolution of flap anatomy knowledge became crucial for successful application to hand reconstruction and remains one of the most important advancements in hand surgery.

    Many novel flaps are constantly being developed for wound coverage and enhancement of hand functional outcomes. In the continued quest for excellence in a growing list of ASSH publications, we have engaged authorities on this topic to be contributors. These authors from the ASSH membership created this detailed, up-to-date book on flap coverage for the purpose of enhancing hand surgeons' practices.

    We hope that this richly illustrated and innovative textbook can be a constant companion to upper extremity and hand surgeons at all educational levels in their pursuit to provide the highest quality of care for patients.

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