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e-Book - The Athlete's Hand and Wrist: A Master Skills Publication

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    The Athlete’s Hand and Wrist has in-depth coverage of all the common sports injuries in one easily-accessible eBook. Important information is also readily available on splinting, anesthesia, and legal issues from experts who have dealt frequently with athletes, from novice to professional. Athletes at varying levels of play require varying approaches to their injury, and this involves working with coaches, trainers, agents, and/or family members. A skilled approach to these interactions from the first point of care increases the likelihood of a successful outcome. Your ability to provide specialized care will not only create a positive experience for the patient, it will improve the reputation of your practice in the community.

    The Athlete’s Hand and Wrist: A Master Skills Publication provides nuanced insights into injuries experienced by the athlete and thoughtful discussion of special considerations in their care, including surgical options and post-surgical care. The text explores various factors affecting timeliness of treatment and return to play for specific injuries in different sports. Authors have experience with professional athletes and most are consultant hand surgeons for professional teams.

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